Correspondent at the RNC


Chris Markowski

TOPIC-Correspondent at the RNC
Guest Opportunity: Christopher Markowski, “The Watchdog on Wall Street”, Political and Economic expert and Host of one of the longest running nationally syndicated financial radio shows.

Local Florida resident and Political Expert, Chris Markowski, is available as a Special Correspondent for reporting from the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

Chris will be attending several events and speeches throughout the RNC and can provide an insider’s account of the political and economic developments during the convention.

Meet Chris Markowski

· Hosts a syndicated radio show which is heard in over 100 markets
· Regularly featured expert on CW network’s Daily Buzz
· Frequent Contributor to FOX News and CNN
· President of Markowski Investments
· Appeared on Inside Edition
· Political and Financial Expert

Date Recorded: 8/29/2012

SITE: Site

Podcast of the interview Download:


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