Countdown to Holiday The Toy Industry Association Separates Fact from Fiction when it comes to Toy Safety


WHAT: Fall is in full swing and the holiday season is around the corner! As wish lists begin to grow, shoppers need to not only look out for toys that top the list, but also need to be sure their selections are safe for the kids on their shopping list.

In interviews on Friday, Nov. 13, Joan Lawrence, Vice President of Safety Standards and Regulatory Affairs at The Toy Industry Association (TIA) will provide must have information and separate fact from fiction when it comes to this years’ selection – It’s an interview that anyone shopping for kids will not want to miss.

Specifically, Joan will show/tell/demo:
· Adhering to Age Recommendations – Joan will clarify the importance of choosing age appropriate toys — and how to identify them
· Avoiding Small Parts and other hazards – Joan will show and explain for viewers hazards to avoid based on age
· What’s right, Right now? – Joan will demo different types of toys that are safe and appropriate for different age groups
· The right toy, now what? — Selecting the right toy is part of the solution. Joan will offer tips for how to ensure safe play, once you bring a new toy home.
· Becoming Better Informed – Joan will offer information on where to shop and how to further educate family members and caregivers so playtime is fun and safe.

WHEN: Friday, November 13; 7:00am – 2:00pm ET; Live from New York, NY

Joan Lawrence – As Toy Industry Association (TIA) Vice President of Safety Standards and Regulatory Affairs, Joan Lawrence manages TIA’s product safety programs encompassing the development of safety standards as well as industry and consumer safety education. Her experience and leadership within the industry spans a broad range of issues – from product safety and quality to environmental and other corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Joan is an advocate for uniform toy safety standards and leads an expert committee that oversees and develops the US safety standards for toys — working with medical and child development experts, engineers and toy designers, government, industry, and consumer representatives — to ensure that our US standards are among the toughest in the world.

A lifelong child safety advocate, Joan is the daughter of a prominent pediatrician and, herself, a mother of three young children . . . making her commitment to toy safety much more than a job.