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Colin Patrick Kelley, better known as CP Kelley, was born in Texarkana, AR in 1967. Ever since he could remember, Kelley played an instrument. Kelley found out early in life that he held a gift most musicians would love to have. That gift is the ability to listen to a song and play it by ear on the instrument they’re playing. For the most part, Kelley is a self taught musician and singer. He’s never been to any formal vocal coach for training and he taught himself how to play the piano. Throughout school and his adult life Kelley’s played the Piano, Alto Sax, Oboe, Xylophone, Chimes and the Electric Keyboard. In high school Kelley was an electric keyboard player in Four States Honor Jazz Band. Music runs through his veins; it’s what allows him to express himself to the world and entertain the people around him. Since he loves entertaining and music he decided in 2011 to combine the two talents together and tackle the professional music industry as a recording artist. He has many singers and songwriters that have inspired him and his music that span a variety of genres from Frank Sinatra to Garth Brooks. However country music is his genre of choice as it allows him to exploit his vocal range that is not only appealing for the listeners but entertaining. Country music is the spirit of America, it’s full of deep emotions and stories of the lives of true blooded Americans; and that is what Kelley is.

Date Recorded: 10/2/2012

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