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CP Kelly

The Country Music Recording Artist is ready to release his first single, has a new album on the horizon and is stronger and more driven than ever before. Absolute Redemption, set to be released in the spring of 2013, will showcase the great talent of Florida singer, CP Kelley. CP “Colin Patrick” Kelley has had his share of hardships, but he’s not about to let anything slow him down. The country singer has suffered from health complications, but knows, in order to succeed he must push on. Kelley, an only child, was raised in Texarkana, Arkansas by his mother and father, both of whom have been significant influences in his life, making him who he is today. “They were always supportive, hard workers and great providers,” lovingly states the artist. Today, Kelley resides in Largo, Florida and shares his love of music with many. Kelley first became interested in music when he was a child, listening to the sounds of Motown and 60s rock, which his uncles embraced. However, it was the singer’s dad that got him into country. Kelley’s favorite artists in the genre include Toby Keith, Garth Brooks, Trace Adkins, Reba McEntire, Dolly Parton, and Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland. In fact, Kelley’s favorite song is Garth Brooks’ “To Make You Feel My Love.” According to Kelley, the song has openness to it not often found in love songs. When it comes to finding inspiration for his own music, Kelley says he gets it from many places. “If it’s got a good beat or is a song of heartache, I want to do it,” confides the country artist. Kelley’s style is self-described as being a relaxed version of country, but with an edge. His adoring fans, many of which are older, love Kelley’s true country harmonies. “They remember what country was, yet they’re progressive enough to like the newer sounds,” states the singer. His hit single, “A New Way to Fly,” will be released on Kelley’s website (www.cpkelley.com) on December 15, 2012; it’s something that Kelley, naturally, is very excited about. This isn’t, however, the only big thing the artist is anticipating. In the spring of 2013, Kelley’s album, Absolute Redemption, is set to debut. He will also have a photo shoot done on December 13th, and will be performing for free in Brooksville, Florida at a Christmas celebration and turkey giveaway, December 21st. Kelley is, no doubt, passionate about his music, and life in general. In fact, it’s Kelley’s intense drive that sets him apart from so many other aspiring artists. “I would sing under a bridge to get my voice out there,” admits the country singer. And, for those of his colleagues that are just starting out, Kelley offers this sound advice. “Forward, forward, forward; don’t let anything come between you and your goal. It’s important to stay focused and just keep pushing. The rearview mirror will not help you see where you are going.” Kelley has just this kind of perseverance and with his outstanding voice, he will certainly achieve his goals and make his dreams come true. “I want to be able to help my parents as they grow older and to have a comfortable home for myself and to help those who are in desperate need. Kelley continues on to say, “I would love to one day perform on the Grand Ole Opry stage.” With his infectious personality, good humor and superb talent, Kelley spends many a night wooing crowds at local establishments. The singer is very loyal to his fans and says the best parts of his performances are getting the audience involved and ultimately hearing their applause. Making people happy is what matters most to the singer. Kelley wants his music to be fun and entertaining. The country artist reflects, “Life is so serious; we all need to take a break and just breathe.” Date Recorded: 8/19/2013

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