Daily Rant: 6/12/2013-Big Brother not as interesting as the TV program


The big news all over the place is everyone from Alex Jones to Chris Mathews talking about NSA spies to the phone tapping style. The now reports of the DHS buying riot gear in preparing for a possible uprising. Then you have this Snowden character coming in and everyone saying well Bradley Manning is different because WikiLeaks made us all look like scum bags where the Snowden guy makes Barry Obama look like a scum bag. Phones being tapped and this started with W not Barrack Obama. DHS is also buying some gear because the American people are ticked. Once again Whistleblowers don’t have a great record with whistle blowers. Alex Jones and Chris Mathews are all on the same page with this NSA and spying stuff. Chris Mathews knows that he is screwed as well as people like Alex Jones have been yelling for years about people like Obama with his craziness. However I like folks like Michael Savage and Bill Maher have brought up the fact that Bush did all this spying and NSA and phone tapping and all and no one really had much to say on this. Phone tapping is something the folks in the Bush Admin made cool. Yes hell let’s face it, if you thought Clinton and Regan and anyone else has not been paying attention and spying, you’re a jerk and should go die in a fire. I would like to bring up Richard Nixon; hell this dude wire tapped the crap out of everyone. Phone tapping is the old school way of doing things and believe me it’s nothing new. DHS riot gear is what brings us to what is getting set to happen, I think this whole NDAA law that got passed. You have the cracking on the phones and you have all the nonsense with people like Snowden and others. Let’s think now about Riot gear, if they did not believe there was an uprising coming you got to think they know there is something coming and it could be quicker than they all thought. You have anonymous and then you have Occupy Wall Street coming up and now you got a shooting match. DHS posted on June 10th on GSN reports and this is what we are looking at, – 111 Centurion CPX2500 Soft Shell Riot Control System upper body and shoulder protection, which must “effectively protect the torso and shoulders from blunt force trauma.” – 123 Centurion TPX200 thigh/groin protection systems “designed for blunt trauma protection during riot control situations,” said the solicitation. The gear “protects the thigh area and has an adjustable and removable groin protector.” – 110 Hatch TS70 Centurion hard shell shin guards, which must provide “substantial protection from flying debris. Non-ballistic weapons, and blows to the leg.” – 189 MaxPro-Police riot helmets, which have a “high impact molded half shell helmet with integral visor and neck protector.” Bradley Manning and Snowden are no different, even if people like Michael Savage believes they are. Bradley Manning was looked upon as a scum bag and he was leaking info to make the President and the folks alongside Obama look like a clown but he also was exposing the USA Gov. along with others look like a bunch of clown shoes. Bradley Manning is bringing you stuff like War crimes and other things that the USA did to make the Government look like a bunch of war criminals. However Snowden is looking like a hero. Snowden looks like a big time deal because he exposed Obama and his minions as the evil empire that folks like Rush and Hannity have been preaching for years about. Finally I want to address that this whole thing is more interesting than an episode of Big Brother TV. I may be jaded and I may be a guy who is not threated as much. I will say I hear ya on the oh no they are invading our privacy. Here is the moral of this story, you don’t like having your privacy violated? Go off the grid, my mother hates Facebook and does not want privacy or anything violated. Guess what she does not have an account. Then you have folks going, “Oh no they are violating our rights by searching our calls.” If they really care about my phone calls to people to book guests and or book my concerts for the cause events? I guess knock yourself out, if you’re looking for nonsense like you’re going to find, get ready to phone bank all the nonsense. Jiggy Jaguar http://www.jiggyjaguar.com


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