DAN PERKINS – Nationally Acclaimed Author of “The Brotherhood of the Red Nile” and Terrorism Expert


DAN PERKINS – Nationally Acclaimed Author of “The Brotherhood of the Red Nile” and Terrorism Expert

United States May Secretly Be Governed under Sharia Law not the Constitution Guest: Dan Perkins – Nationally Acclaimed Author of “The Brotherhood of the Red Nile: A Terrorist’s Perspective” and Terrorism Expert Is the United States secretly being governed under Sharia Law rather than our Constitution by the White House? Step back and set your politics aside and look how the President has handled negotiations with House and Senate Republicans over the budget and the debt ceiling. Now look at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who contends Iran is using conciliatory gestures (Elap Nedeef) as a smoke screen to conceal an unabated march toward a nuclear bomb.” This comes after the new President of Iran denies the construction of a nuclear bomb to Washington. These instances contain two example tenants of Sharia Law, which are blatantly apparent. These two tenants are Elap Nedeef and Taqueya. Dan Perkins, a noted author on terrorism, believes that President Obama and other Muslim supporters in the legislature may be secretly governing the United States under Sharia Law rather than by the Constitution. He’s willing to expand upon his theory to the public by discussing these topics. How can Sharia law be used in America and supersede our Constitution? What is the Taqueya rule and how is it apparent in the debt ceiling and budget negotiations by our President with the House and Senate? What is Elap Nedeef and how is it apparent in Iran and their communication with the world regarding their nuclear program? How are Muslims allowed to break the laws of Islam under Sharia law without consequences?

Is the author of a Trilogy on terrorism called the Brotherhood of the Red Nile. He has been on Radio and TV and been interviewed by newspapers about his books. Dan believes that money is at the root of terrorism and taking away or diverting America’s wealth is a way to bring America under Islam control. With 40 years of global investment experience Mr. Perkins is uniquely qualified to talk about financial implications of terrorism. His book web site is http://danperkinsatsanibel.com and has links to his interviews and more information about him.

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