Dan Pilla


Best thing is to google his name and the first thing on the website is great info on him…have it in front of you

Dan’s latest book is “How to Win Your Tax Audit”–info we really need–he has about 15 books in all dealing with tax issues.

It’s been said many times that Dan Pilla probably knows more about the IRS than the IRS commissioner!

Ask Dan about taxpayers’ rights–what should the public be aware of?

How do you challenge audit decisions?

If you’ve been called in on an audit, does it necessarily mean there are unknown errors?

What can we do to avoid an audit in the first place?

Are the decisions of tax auditors always final?

How can you stop the IRS from contacting your bank, employer, friends, neighbors?

What if you’ve lost your records? How do you reconstruct them???

Don’t let the IRS get more money than what is due them! No reason to be afraid of the IRS!