Danny Quintanna


Danny Quintana

MY FRIENDS AND I HAVE BEEN ABLE TO OVERCOME THE ADVERSITY OF DISABILITY BY PLAYING WHEELCHAIR SPORTS, ESPECIALLY TENNIS. YOU CAN DO THE SAME. IT WILL REQUIRE EFFORT BUT IT CAN BE DONE. MORE IMPORTANT, YOU WILL HAVE LOTS AND LOTS OF FUN. YOU WILL ENJOY THIS REPRIEVE FROM LA MUERTE AND BUILD GOOD MEMORIES. I would encourage you to do everything you can to become as healthy as possible. This means working out every day, watching your diet and trying to live as stress free as possible. Smile- it will make you happier. We give lots of advice in this book about proper diet and exercise. Those two facets of your life you can control. So try your hardest, do your best and enjoy your reprieve from death. You will die as will I, but not today. Right here right now, we are alive. We are not settling for just existing. We are actually living and enjoying the moment. Whether it is sailing in the Keys, doing a wheelchair distribution in Africa, Asia or Latin America or hitting a forehand winner into the corner at an international tournament, make each day an adventure. Date Recorded: 8/19/2013

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