David Marion 4/28/2020


Just in synopsis, David is recovering from multiple addictions including opioids, heroin and gambling and in fact was a first generation opioid addict. He lost everything including me, his wife, his two daughters for a time, multiple homes, a multi-million dollar business and eventually his freedom when he was sentenced to five years in federal prison all due to his addictions. After turning his life around, since his incarceration, he has become a professional Interventionist and recovery coach.

I also want to mention that David has a curriculum in working with companies to avoid employee fraud and theft due to addictions and includes how to identify problematic, addictive behavior in the workplace and the signs of use turning into abuse. In work environments, such as his when he worked on Wall Street, where clout and money are to be gained, it can be a breeding ground for addiction as well as fraud. Both employers and employees need to be aware of the effects these elements can have if not kept in check.

If there is any way our expertise can benefit you and your audience please don’t hesitate to let us know and thank you for passing our information on!

How One Man Held on to Hope to Overcome an Opioid Addiction