David Mulatto


As far as the Academy and Racism goes here is my response in any order.

In the modern age you will never eradicate racism as long as you cry racism when you feel an injustice is done. In fact I will go on further and suggest that it is racist to assume something happened or did not happen purely because of race.

I could suggest that ice hockey is a racist sport, or basket ball is a racist sport because both these activities are dominated by a particular color group.

When you cry racism on an individual with evidence this is can be a valid accusation. However when you level charges of racism at an institution your in fact calling all those within that institution racist, even those of your own color.

What many even with good intentions don’t understand that when you cry racism as a reason for exclusion, your sending a message to the young that there is no reward for those who are different. Greatness is only for the privileged few. You in fact create more racism.

If you want to have a serious talk about racism the goal should be how to elevate those of color through their own talent and endeavors. Not de- elevate those who succeed down to the level of those who cry racism at every rejection.


David Mulatto