David Neenan


David Neenan

Robust learning is the key to true wealth In our world it is too easy to turn away from responsibility. We sidestep out longings and settle for mediocrity, but there are no excuses for that. The stories in this book describe how David Neenan found the robust desire, wisdom and tools to achieve meaningful success. As a young boy,David watched his father lose a lifelong dream of owning a business. As a young man, he journeyed to the other side of the world to find that his true path was back at home. As a young business owner facing bankruptcy, he learned that working for redemption is better than surrendering to failure. And as a husband, father and friend, he learned that life’s meaning lies in what we create for ourselves and those around us, in giving back. Join David in No Excuses as he tells the stories of a life rich in adventure, struggle, learning and love.

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