Deadly Dangers of Sanctuary Cities – San Francisco’s Crime Stats Show Violent Crime Soaring


Good morning! I hope that you are having a great day. Are you covering the increased violent crime rates in sanctuary cities, and the political issues surrounding them? This is an issue that is not going away, any time soon.

I have a high energy interview on this topic for you, from a local perspective, with Maureen Ennor. She is the wife of a police officer in a sanctuary area, one of the most dangerous police precincts in the country, and is the co-host of the California Connection internet radio show.

Brietbart recently published an article packed full of information on the soaring violent crime rates in San Francisco, supporting what Maureen and many others have said all along – something has to be done to stop political leaders from violating federal immigration laws surrounding criminal illegal aliens.

She recently questioned Bobby Jindal, who stated that city leaders should be charged as accomplices to the crimes committed as a result of sanctuary city policies. Maureen later chucked, and said she didn’t know how all that would work. But, these cities should not be allowed to ignore the federal laws put in place to protect us from such criminal activity.

Maureen Ennor’s active participation in local and national Blue Wive’s groups, as well as her active role in speaking against the policies of sanctuary cities, makes her an excellent guest on this topic. Would you like to schedule an interview with her?