Dec 7th Anniversary


We’re nearing the anniversary of the Pear Harbor attack on Dec 7, 1941. Today were going to talk about
the Japanese Prime Minister Tojo during WW2 and what happened to him after the war ended. At the
end of this segment he’ll tell you something you may never have heard about Tojo. With us is author AK
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What is Tojo’s background?
His father was a military of the samurai class. He graduates from Japan’s military Academy in 1905. He
swore allegiance to the emperor and submission to the state. Over the next decades, he developed an
anti-western attitude, partially because many felt in Japan that they didn’t have equal status among
nations and suffered racist attitudes. President Wilson vetoed a proposal from the Japanese during the
League of Nations negotiations that all nations should be considered equal. The US banned all
immigration from Asia in 1924. His attitude was fixed.
How did he come to power in WW2?
He became a major General in Manchurian War in 1934, He took the position of head of Japanese secret
police, the KEMPETAI. EVER watch the show, MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE? He moved up the ranks and
became known as the “Razor” for his strict and detailed personality.
He became Prime Minister two months before Pearl Harbor. His cabinet voted to attack the US as a
result of material and oil embargos placed on Japan for their murderous wars in China and Manchuria.
During the war, he allowed a number of atrocities to occur: Comfort Women- forced prostitution
Prisoner of War treatment- 27 % of prisoners died in Jap Camps 7 times German POW’s
Biological Experiments on POW’s and War atrocities on civilians and POW’s.
He was vilified in caricature on level with Hitler.
What happened at end of the War?
He lost face after Japan lost Battle of Midway and Allied moved towards Japan. He resigned after Saipan
in July 1944.
He tried to commit suicide before capture after Japan surrendered. Shot himself in stomach. Saved his
life. He stood trial. And scheduled to hang in November 1945.
What’s the zinger you want to tell us about?
When he was a prisoner, he needed a set of dentures made. A navy dentist made him a set and
inscribed with the acrylic- REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR

The dentist got in trouble, but its nice to know TOJO wore dentures before his execution with those
words etched on them.
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