Dennis Kucinich’s Powerful New Autobiography The Division of Light and Power


Taking on the Corporate/Government Complex is not for the timid. It takes toughness, tenacity and an undisputed moral compass. At a time when public faith in government and public officials has collapsed, comes the story of one strong and fearless leader of a mayor who took on City Hall to protect the people.

IN THE DIVISION OF LIGHT AND POWER, former Cleveland Mayor Dennis J. Kucinich (1977 – 1979), gives an unprecedented, fully documented insider’s account of his battle against a shadow city government which engaged in corporate espionage, sabotage, price-fixing, cut-throat competition, anti-trust activities, organized crime, and wholesale fraud. That is, until Kucinich, then America’s youngest big-city mayor at age 31, fought back, risking assassination attempts and the destruction of his personal life.

One of America’s largest banks threatened to upend the city financially unless the new Mayor Kucinich agreed to sell the city’s publicly owned electric system, Muny Light, to the bank’s utility business partner, handing them a monopoly and the ability to raise electric rates to the sky. The “powers that be” subverted the media. They tried to buy Kucinich, and when they discovered he could not be bought, they tried to kill him.

The Division of Light and Power is an epic political battle unlike any previously revealed by an insider, and is more relevant today than ever, given corporate influence over government decisions at all levels – – which is why utility monopolies in Texas, California, Illinois, and Ohio have crushed consumers with sky-high rates, price gouging and criminal behavior.

The Division of Light and Power is a must-read for everyone who has ever wondered why utility bills and taxes are so high and who is really making the decisions effecting their social and economic life.

The Division of Light and Power is meticulously documented. It is a road map showing how a principled approach to everyday life can empower each of us, no matter the pressure, no matter the stakes, to find the courage to do the right thing.

In April 2018, in a cover story in the Washington Post Magazine, Kucinich was described as “the future of American politics.” The Division of Light and Power establishes integrity as the North Star future for everyone in public life. It also marks its author as a highly-skilled writer of top rank.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Dennis Kucinich is an author and statesman, serving 16 years in the US Congress and was twice a candidate for President. During his term as Cleveland Mayor (1977-1979) the Fraternal Order of Eagles recognized him as “The Outstanding Public Official in America.” In recent years the Washington Post Magazine called Kucinich “the future of American politics.” “Ahead of his time,” declared Rolling Stone Magazine. Gore Vidal called Kucinich’s writing “as good as Theodore Dreiser’s.” Ralph Nader favorably compares Kucinich’s writing with the legendary muckraking journalist, Lincoln Steffens. The Division of Light and Power melds Kucinich’s writing excellence with undisputable documentary power and the moral code of a leader who cannot be corrupted.


PUBLISHER: Finney Avenue Books

AUTHOR: Dennis J. Kucinich


PRICE: $ 34.99


ISBN: 978-1-63877-234-7

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