Don Mazzella & IQ Al Rassolli with Jeffrey Stevens 3262024


Bestselling author Jeffrey S. Stephens, one of the brightest minds in modern suspense, honors the CIA operatives who risk their lives — while working in the shadows — to thwart acts of terrorism in his alarmingly realistic, action-packed Nick Reagan Thriller Series, and he’s available for interviews.

The Handler, the first book in the series, features Nick Reagan, an abundantly confident CIA clandestine operative and American hero who will go to any length to protect the country he loves. When the CIA uncovers details of violent assaults planned throughout the United States, Nick Reagan and his partner, Carol Gellos, are assigned to prevent them — traveling across the world in a race against time, as they confront long odds and danger along the way.

In Enemies Among Us, the second book in this fascinating series, Nick and Carol assemble clues to the whereabouts of their prey, but their superiors in the CIA inexplicably order them to stand down, and it becomes increasingly evident that the evil they face could be corruption from within.