Don Whittemore


Don Whittemore, who’s known as Dandy Don, the Ice Cream maven…just call him Dandy Don…he has a big ice cream biz centered in L.A. but he ships to all parts of the U.S. (ask him how he keeps the ice cream frozen on a long air voyage)…plus anything you’ve ever wanted to know about ice cream…in short, get The Scoop

Don is also one of the best-known record promoters of all time…he worked for RCA Victor Records in Hollywood several years ago and got to know many recording stars…ask him about Elvis Presley, the Beattles and countless others…ask him about his 20 Golden Records…he’s a big name-dropper

from the record biz to the ice cream biz–that’s been his prosperous path…you can google Dandy Don to get a lot more about him