Donna Carol Voss 3/6/2018


Donna Carol Voss is hard to describe. From charm school to Berkeley to Mormon, she has lived in many worlds. From hot mess to self-disciplined (except for Krispy Kremes) career woman to adoptive mom, she has lived many lives. From rap music to Tarot cards to salsa dancing, she has had many loves. She can talk to almost anyone about anything, and what she’s not familiar with, she’s fascinated by.

She came to writing purely by accident after being a stay-at-home mom for 10 years. The taste of being her own boss—deciding for herself whether to do the laundry that day and when to eat the bonbons—made an office job extremely unappealing. She’d never written anything but letters, written warnings, and obituaries but felt compelled to explore something she had always loved.

Fast forward four years, and Donna is the published author of four books, including the recently released Nothing to Apologize For: The Truth About Western Civilization. Donna writes for The Federalist, The Blaze, and The Huffington Post; her work has appeared in The Washington Post, Religion News Service, and The Orlando Sentinel. On her own site she publishes a variety of articles on politics, acerbic observations on life, funny interactions with trolls, travel adventures that must be read to be believed, and her personal musings on Faith every Sunday.

You can access her Faith blog here.

Writing led to radio and television appearances, the latter of which she enjoys but the former of which render her virtually euphoric. Real-time discussion of ideas, challenges from detractors, and humorous banter are her happy place. So much so that she now hosts her own podcast.

On a personal note, her mom said she thinks too much and parents like Captain von Trapp without the whistle. Her ex-husband said he wanted somebody with the volume turned down next time. Her best girlfriend said the only thing that makes her tolerable is that she’s as hard on herself as she is on everyone else. Her 21 year old son says she could scare the devil himself, which is surely an exaggeration. Her 14 year old son says she is annoying, likes cheese, and is a good writer. He plugs his ears when she sings. Her 18 year old daughter says …. well … that depends on the day. And her husband Cary, the only man she could ever see herself with in the eternities, says she is crazy for sticking around this long and the love of his life.

She says she’s never been happier.