Donna Carter


Going Ballistic
With Donna Carter

Donna Carter is one “Mom with a Mission”, this Texas dynamo is passionate and
articulate about protecting kids in schools and the law enforcement officers that
ensure it. Do more than wonder what would happen if there were an active
shooter at your child’s school. Go beyond the topic of gun control and have the
conversation that protects kids and communities.

Pray for Peace but be Prepared
Our Mission is to Save Lives and
Ballistic Shields Do Just That

Mrs. Carter did more than wonder – she reached out to local law enforcement
where her son would attend school and asked the question all parents hate to ask.

“Are we ready for another Uvalde?”

The answer was shockingly, “no” after 32 years of such incidents –

leaving kids, classrooms and cops vulnerable.
Donna and her team took action: contacted national fire arm experts, sourced
manufactures and came up with a strategic plan and launched a 501 (c)3, all in one
year. Their first shield rated for rifle rounds was donated this February. Another is
ready to be gifted, as we speak.