Author information:  Amy Malphrus, MD is a child neurologist and neurophysiologist. She graduated with honors from Oklahoma State University and received a Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Oklahoma. As an academician and pediatric epilepsy specialist, she has published articles related to 1530 pediatric epilepsy. She has had extensive experience in treating patients with the ketogenic diet and,  thus, has an understanding of the mechanisms of the fasting state. She brings expertise in the biological understanding of fasting. co-author is hubby of pastoral care. Rev. Wm M,  graduate of Furman University and holds an MDIV degree from Southwestern  Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the published author of the evangelical tract “The Line of Your Life”.
Selling points:  A comprehensive look at fasting from both a spiritual and physiologic perspective. The most complete guide to a review of fasting references in the Bible.