Dr. Bookman


Dr. Bookman


Milica Z. Bookman is a professor of economics at St. Jospeh’s University in Philadelphia, USA. She earned degrees from Brown University (A.B.), the London School of Economics (M.Sc.), and Temple University (Ph.D.). She has published a dozen books and numerous articles on economics. Her research has earned the prestigious Tenglemann Award for Excellence in Teaching and Research. One of her books was chosen for Choice’s Outstanding Book Award (The Economics of Secession); another has been translated into Chinese (Economics in Film and Fiction, co-authored with Aleksandra Bookman). The book reading of The Demographic Struggle for Power was aired on C-SPAN. Milica divides her time between her university in Philadelphia, her home in Coral Gables, and her children in New York.

Date Recorded: 10/2/2012

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