Dr. Clete Bulach


For detailed information about my experience, degrees, publications, presentations click on my resume. The area of greatest interest for me is school climate and culture and their effect on student achievement. Related areas that impact climate and culture are leadership behavior, teacher caring behaviors, bullying behavior, character-related behavior, and levels of openness and trust. Surveys (click on “Data Collection Surveys”) have been created to collect data on these student achievement related variables. Manuscripts that describe research conducted with these data collection instruments can be found by clicking on “Research Manuscripts”.
I have formed a consulting agency called “The Professional Development and Assessment Center (PDAC)”. The agency provides training to improve leadership skills in human relations, conflict management, and group management. Click on the link “Leadership Development Seminars” to read a description of these seminars. Additionally, personnel from the agency serve as evaluation and research design consultants. School districts that want to develop data driven school improvement plans, that are further designed to improve the quality of instruction, have found the services of the PDAC to be beneficial.
Dr. Bulach was the external evaluator for the character education grants (1999-2003) for the State of Georgia’s and West Virginia’s Departments of Education (2002-2006). Character data has been collected on over 200 schools at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. On-site visits were made to every school district in the State of WV. He has written a book based on data collected during interviews with students and teachers during those on-site visits. The title is “Creating a Culture for High Performing Schools: A Comprehensive Approach to School Reform and Dropout Prevention.” Co-authors are Dr. Fred Lunenburg and Dr. Les Potter. Rowman and Littlefield are the publishers (2008).

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