Dr. Cletus R. Bulach


Dr. Cletus R. Bulach

Back to School: Demand the Best Guest Opportunity: Clete Bulach – Education Expert and Trusted Expert on improving test scores in public schools, reducing bullying, and reforming school culture. Every day we hear about failing schools, school that are not meeting their potential, and schools that just not safe. Education Expert, Clete Bulach, can tell your listeners how to demand that your child’s school become a high performing school. Clete Bulach can discuss this topic by answering the following questions: (interview Dr. Bulach on any one or more of the following questions. To address all of them would take an hour) What is a high performing school? How does one transform a school to become a high performing school? Can you address the six reasons for low test scores? What should administrators and teachers be doing to create high performing schools? Should admininstrators meet their teachers/students’ five basic needs? Or give them control without giving it up?

Clete Bulach Dr. Bulach has 40 years of experience in public education and a doctoral degree in social psychology, educational leadership and curriculum Dr. Bulach has thirty years of experience in the classroom, principalship, and superintendency in Ohio and 10 years as a professor Researching how leaders interact with groups has been Dr. Bulach’s research emphasis producing many publications on these topics. The second edition of his book, Creating a Culture for High Performing Schools: A Comprehensive Approach to School Reform and Dropout Prevention is currently in print on how to create a high performing school culture
Date Recorded: 8/23/2013

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