Dr Irwin 11/28/2017



Since I started writing this article about a week ago, I have literally not been able to keep up with the list of those accused of sexual harassment, assault, and molestation. The list is growing at the speed of light. Sadly, Charlie Rose (oh, say it ain’t so!!!), Michigan Representative John Conyers, Senator Al Franken, and Ohio State Representative Wes Goodman (and perhaps more before this goes to press) have joined the ranks. What started out in Hollywood has quickly spread to DC and the Midwest.

This “drain the sexual swamp” movement at least this is not a partisan issue. Both major US political parties, and genders, have names on the growing list. The core issue, abuse of power, seems to be a great equalizer. Who would have thought that sexual offenses could unify us? I fervently believe we are living in an extraordinarily exciting chapter of history that is birthing a new paradigm, kicked off by brave victims who are sharing their stories.

While many men may be “quaking in their britches” waiting for the axe to fall on their past or present inappropriate behavior, we are creating a better future.