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Dr. Jack Caravelli 
Dr Jack Caravelli served for 25 years in the US government. In 1996, Dr. Caravelli joined the White House National Security Council Staff where he was Director for Nonproliferation with responsibility for US nonproliferation policy in Russia and the Middle East.He was appointed Deputy Assistant Secretary of Energy and Director of the Office of International Material Protection and Cooperation in 2000 and served in that capacity until 2003 when he became a senior advisor to the Secretary of Energy. Under Caravellis leadership, the MPC&A program was responsible for securing nuclear weapons and material at 95 facilities in the former Soviet Union, including securing approximately 4,000 nuclear warheads at 42 Russian Navy storage sites.
In 2002, Caravelli initiated major international strategic talks, known as the International Approaches to Nuclear and Radiological Security (IANRS), with the aim of increasing international cooperation to locate and secure orphan nuclear and radiological material. The IANRS strategic talks were co-hosted jointly by the US Department of Energy, the Russian Ministry of Atomic Energy, the Russian Research Centre – Kurchatov Institute, and the Institute for Applied Science. The international working groups established under the IANRS initiative continue to meet periodically under NATO auspices.

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