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READY TO RUMBLE: Amnesty order on immigration ‘would ignite political firestorm’…
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It’s already started.

Just one week after the historic repudiation of Barack Obama’s imperial presidency in mid-term elections where Republicans took over the Senate, gained in the House, gathered additional governors’ mansions and took over a majority of state legislatures, it’s already started.

In a little reported appearance before the Latin-American Development Bank on Friday, Vice President Biden began opening the floodgates of illegal immigration Barack Obama intends to cause with his much-touted series of executive orders aimed at opening wide the U.S. border with Mexico.

Biden announced the Obama administration plans to extend refugee status Central American children, in a program that would extend the protection of international law to the next wave of anticipated immigration from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala.

While Biden’s announcement was devoid of any details, conceivably State Department airplanes could be provided to transport the Central American children granted refugee status, enabling those children to avoid having to take the risks of paying coyotes and paying criminal gangs in order to travel through Mexico to enter the U.S. by crossing the nation’s southern border.

Immediately, the front page of newspapers in Guatemala declared minors in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras will receive refugee status in the United States starting next month.

This is an Obama plan that has been long in the works.

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