Dr. Myers- BGE presents


For older patients, visits with the doctor are essential to their wellbeing, both physically and sociallyâ??especially when many of them have been seeing the same primary care physician for decades. In fact, there is a significant amount of research on the therapeutic effects of the physician-older patient relationship. So what happens when a doctor diesâ?¦by suicide? â??Unfortunately, physician suicide is more common than we thinkâ??it happens about once a day in the US,â?? says Dr. Michael F. Myers, a specialist in physician health. â??Most often it is a painful, confusing and complicated process that is particularly grueling when the patient has had a very long professional relationship with their doctor.â?? In an engaging and thought-provoking interview, Dr. Myers can discuss: Captivating insights from those who have been affected by their doctorsâ?? suicide How patients can work to prevent a doctorâ??s suicide: primarily by realizing that they are also human beings The doctor-patient relationship: How it has changed in recent years, becoming more collaborative, with patients more engaged in their treatment and care Why a patientâ??s level of concern could be the wake-up call a doctor needs that will motivate them to get help What patients can do if they notice their doctorâ??s depression: Can they speak up? Reach out? Reverse roles and take care of the caretaker? How the culture of medicine must change, providing support and treatment for doctors with mental illness Please let me know if youâ??re interested in speaking with Dr. Myers and/or receiving a copy of his book, Why Physicians Die by Suicide. Thanks for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you!