Dr. Sherry Meinberg 10/6/2015


Dr. Sherry Meinberg

Her new book, only her 13th, is “A Cluster of Cancers,” a simple Coping Guide for Cancer Patients, giving them new hope — covers such
cancers as breast, prostate, lung, kidney, skin, bladder, blood, etc.

Dr. Meinberg was stricken with cancer 8 years ago and has had successful treatment ever since–she is quite a survivor!. Her book really has a very positive approach to the subject.

Dr. Sherry L. Meinberg spent over fifty years as an educator (teacher, librarian, professor, and supervisor of student teachers). Now, instead of being restricted to one classroom, she teaches the world through her books. To date, she has received eighty-four awards. She has been featured on numerous radio, TV, and print media. This is her eleventh book.

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Date Recorded: 10/6/2015

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