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Dr. Twogood-Chronic Pain gone 90 Days

Dr. Dan Twogood began practicing in 1983 at the International Sports Medicine Institute
in West Los Angeles where he treated athletes in the 1984 Olympics.

In 1985 he opened a private practice in Apple Valley, California where he lives with his wife,
and office manager Willy.

He discovered the diet/pain connection for himself in 1985 and wrote his first book, No Milk in 1992.

Dr. Twogood has written two books since the, How to Rid Your Body of Pain in 1996, and MSG is Everywhere in 1997.

In the last ten years he has discovered more about chronic pain, what causes it,
and how to eliminate chronic pain in a reasonable period of time.

His newest book, Chronic Pain Gone 90 Days will be out in July of 2011.

This new book includes the 10 steps necessary to eliminate chronic pain.
Dr. Twogood is available to talk to your group about chronic pain, what causes chronic pain, and how to eliminate chronic pain.
Date Recorded: 5/19/2012

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