How A Child Grows Up on the Run from the Law – Cheryl Diamond’s story of fugitive to model


Cheryl Diamond had an outlaw childhood. She is born to a domineering, abusive con artist father and beautiful but fragile mother on the run from the law. By age nine, she had lived in more than a dozen countries on five continents and assumed six identities as her parents evaded Interpol and other law enforcement agencies. While her family lived on the run, she would learn math on an abacus, train as an Olympic hopeful, practice Sikhism and then celebrate her bat mitzvah, come to terms with the disappearance of her brother, become a successful fashion model, and ultimately watch her unconventional yet close-knit family implode. Diamond’s unforgettable memoir, NOWHERE GIRL: A MEMOIR OF A FUGITIVE CHILDHOOD (Algonquin Books: June 15, 2021), is a story of childhood lost and adulthood found. With forged passports and midnight escapes, Diamond writes an amazing, interesting, and memorable memoir.


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