dynamic author Virginia Dale

his past weekend the LA Times 27th Annual Festival of Books
at the Book Publicists of So. Calif Booth  two of author Virginia
Dale’s best-selling books were highlighted, “Rich White Americans”
and “Never Marry in Morocco”–next to the book was a sign that
read: Celebrate Earth Day with Two of the Best Books on this Earth
Getting attention generally works!
Now, let’s talk with our guest who’s known as Ginny…
Ginny, welcome to the show…tell us a bit about where you grew up and
how your family influenced your writing career…
What advice to you have for people desiring to become authors? Is it a must
to have a literary agent?
What made your best-selling books go over so big with general public?
And what about your next book, “Crucified”….I’m told it’s a political thriller
and most certainly geared for the silver screen–what are your feelings?