Elisabetta L. Faenza


A spell-binding adventure…
from the author of The Energy Code, The Infidel & Veritas
True North is proud to announce the release of Nemesis by Best-Selling Author – Elisabetta L. Faenza. Elisabetta found inspiration for Nemesis in the great works of magical realism and science fiction by authors Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Robert A. Heinlein. Elisabetta has a fascination with historical anomalies, cosmology, neuroscience and quantum physics, and has poured these into Nemesis. The book began as a journey of love, a gift from the author to her partner, created when she was so broke she couldn’t afford to buy him a Christmas present, so she wrote one instead. It is the story of how two broken people from different worlds, find each other and make themselves whole..

Caught between worlds, our heroes – John and Alcyone – struggle to protect the future of their planets. Threatened by a rogue sun, the lives of billions hang in the balance as John and Alcyone battle to keep themselves and their worlds alive.

It all began with an accident, propelling one man from his world to hers. From dream to reality, John goes on a journey of self-discovery, passion and awakening as the lovers slide between universes. What John doesn’t know is the truth behind his journey. It will shock the very foundations of everything he has ever believed. Come on a fast paced journey across three continents and two dimensions. You won’t need your passport – just hang on for the ride, if you dare…

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Here is what advance readers have to say…
“Mysterious, sensual and intriguing. Nemesis captures the imagination and doesn’t let go… ”
Will Baker, Metaphysician, Author – Wheeler Dealer.

“This book will awaken your romantic adventurer, your soul searching for completeness and understanding as well as your belief in a universal connection. More than a fantasy or science fiction novel Nemesis is a work of adventurous art that tickles your understanding of physics into a place of present day usefulness. All this and more… Most importantly though Nemesis is a page turner, a delight to read, a plot quenching joy. I can hardly wait for the sequel.”
Lynette Louise, The Brain Broad, Neurotherapist and Author of The WingMaker

“Nemesis is a richly woven story, crossing many genres – sci-fi, romance, philosophy and adventure. It takes the reader on a multi-layered journey across time and space, but always connected to heart and home. It is full of delicious detail and well-rounded characters. As I read the last pages, I immediately wanted to know what happens next!”
Helen Macdonald, Founder of The Optimism Zone said

“I was taken on a magical journey, sensuous and exciting. The interplay of dream and reality is beautifully rendered and asks the question, how can we tell which is which, where one stops and the other begins? Perhaps all powerful dreams are memories of ‘slides’ between worlds. Yet for all its mysticism, the adventure is rollicking in the ‘boy’s own style. A page turner. Can’t wait to read the rest of this!”
Jennifer Boyes, Author of Uri’madu, Song of the Planet Walkers.