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Affaires Of The Banque: Blistering New Novel Sees Dark Secrets Tear Love to Pieces. The Next Hollywood Blockbuster?

Cover1Masterfully crafted by Elizabeth Szatkowski, ‘Affaires Of The Banque’ thrusts readers deep into the life of Max and Tess, a picture-perfect couple whose love appears to be boundless. But pay attention to the word “appears” because, after a silent investigation is launched against Max, Tess is left with boiling blood and the possibility of fierce revenge. Readers are caught in the crossfire, in a narrative that plays out like a movie. And that’s a good thing, because Szatkowski has her sights firmly set on the silver screen.
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Chicago, IL – While most authors use their debut release to simply test the literary waters, Elizabeth Szatkowski is rapidly proving that a first novel is also an opportunity to rival a genre’s bestsellers. In ‘Affaires Of The Banque’, Szatkowski throws the rulebook out of the window, rips the romance genre to shreds and redefines it in a way that will leave readers needing only the edge of their seat.
The novel is a bold reminder that love does have boundaries – especially when agents come knocking and you discover dark, dark secrets that your husband has been hiding since the day you first met.
Max and Tess are a loving couple and every day and every night are filled with passionate love affairs. Max is also a very hardworking Bank owner and holds the title of Bank President. After love is set aside, something has changed. A silent investigation is launched against Max, Tess is approached by agents, and secrets about her husband are revealed. As Max’s investigation continues into both his personal and professional business affairs, he suspects, of all people his loving wife of launching the investigation against him. Will she stay with the man she loves, or plot her revenge to satisfy her broken heart?
“I wanted to create something cinematic that reads like a movie and takes readers on a journey across the entire spectrum of their emotions,” explains Szatkowski. “They will be forced to confront love, lust, life, universal truths and a cocktail of other feelings that will firmly place them in the center of the action. Readers will discover with uninhibited realism that Max and Tess are inherently lonely and searching for something in life that they can’t seem to offer each other. My hope is that my audience will be left re-examining their own lives.”
Continuing, “As I’ve mentioned, I created something that could easily be a movie and, with the book off to a rocketing start, I’m interested in pitching it to production houses looking to create a raw and shocking new motion picture. Any interested parties should contact me immediately as I have a very specific vision for the movie that is guaranteed to be unlike anything they have created before.”
Equally, with the volume’s demand expected to increase and with book two already on the drawing board, interested readers are urged to secure their copies without delay.
‘Affaires Of The Banque’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1QUoBmk.

About the Author:
Elizabeth has worked in retail and she is the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran. She has also written the book titled Affaires Of The Banque, and she was born in Chicago, Illinois.