Elizabeth Tryon


Elizabeth Tryon

dEATH OF Richie Havens

Described as a “singing sensation with an angelic voice”, Elizabeth Tryon combines her unique background singing alongside Metropolitan Opera singers and writing chart-topping contemporary pop songs in her electrifying debut album and solo concert. Born and raised in Westchester County, New York, Elizabeth grew up listening to pop and Broadway music and scribbling her own original pop songs. Then when she was ten years old her school music teacher told her she had the potential to become an opera singer and took her to see an opera, which sounded “very strange” to her. Eventually Elizabeth grew to love classical music, attended the prestigious Indiana University School of Music, and now sings professionally — she has performed as the solo vocalist at the premier of the Noah’s Ark Suite at the Lighthouse in NYC, as the youngest singer on the Opera Aegean tour of Athens and the Greek Islands, and as a soloist with Opera of the Hamptons and numerous other classical venues — but her pop roots never left her. Elizabeth continued writing and singing pop songs, and her song “Fire Inside” broke the Top 10 on the FMQB AC National Radio Chart, with 2 of her other songs going to #12 on the Chart. Elizabeth’s music attracted the attention of pop producers Anthony Resta (Elton John), and Scott Jacoby, who won a Grammy in 2008. She recorded her debut album From Elizabeth with them. The album features her chart-topping pop singles along with classical music produced in innovative ways. She filmed the music video for her song “Fire Inside” with state-of-the-art filmmaker Zina Brown. Elizabeth’s goal is to inhabit the cutting edge of pop music while also bringing beautiful classical music to audiences. “I’ve spent a lot of time in both the pop and classical worlds and I value them both very much. I love to present classical music in a fun and relevant way. Pop and classical music actually aren’t all that different from each other – they both have beautiful melodies.” During her performances, Elizabeth calls upon her background performing professional improvisational comedy to engage her audience. “I love being suspended in the moment. I never completely know what’s coming next during a show.” Elizabeth’s musical roots go back a long way — to the 1890’s at least. Her great-grandfather was a solo cornetist in John Philip Sousa’s band and he signed a solo record deal, although “it was actually a ‘cylinder deal’ since records hadn’t been invented at the time.” She is also a distant cousin of actor / writer Tom Tryon. In addition to performing and writing music, Elizabeth writes original movie scripts, does professional voiceovers, and has worked as an actress in New York City.

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