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The Emmys are coming — Can you zip-up your Dior?


Hi-tech Slim-down Procedure

Gets Celebs Red Carpet-ready in 32 Minutes

The 2019 Emmy Awards are just around the corner. And for most of the celebrities and Hollywood movers and shakers attending the event, there are two burning questions:

Who will be the evening’s winners?


How am I going to lose two inches of belly fat just days before the show so I can squeeze into my Dior gown or Tom Ford tuxedo?

Fortunately for tubby-tummied celebrities (and non-celebrities, too), a new 32-minute procedure for virtually instant fat-loss is now available for the first time in the Los Angeles area and some of Hollywoods most famous faces are already taking advantage of its fat-melting power to safely shrink their bellies, thighs, butts, and abdomens guaranteeing them a sleek and sexy appearance at the upcoming industry award show, after-parties, and beyond.

Patients undergoing UltraSlim light therapy recline on a comfortable padded table while a panel of safe and gentle red LED lights are positioned a few inches over the area to be treated.The 32-minute FDA-approved treatment typically focusses on the abdomen, buttocks, and both thighs, eight minutes on each zone where reduction is desired – although any trouble area on the body can be targeted, says Body Contourz of Studio City Director, Duane Anderson.

Anderson says UltraSlims red LED light targets the fat cells beneath the skin, triggering them to open and release their liquid contents, much like perspiration.

Other technologies such as liposuction, ultrasound, laser, cool-sculpting, radio waves, heat, and freezing operate by killing the fat cells, which can have dangerous side effects and do not offer immediate fat-reduction. The UltraSlim procedure is non-invasive works with the body’s natural processes, and does not harm cells, says Anderson.

Anderson says most patients lose an average of 3.5 inches and 1.6 liters of fat from the waist, hips and thighs during a single 32-minute UltraSlim session. He guarantees first-time patients will lose at least two inches in just one 32-minute treatment or the session is no charge.

We understand the way a TV or film actor appears on or off the red carpet can boost their career, says Anderson. This is why we do everything possible to help our celebrity clients, as well as non-celebrity clients, to look like the stars that they are.


Director Duane Anderson has over 25 years of experience as a chiropractor and practice consultant. He founded Body Contourz after discovering UltraSlim therapy as a safer and much easier alternative to cool sculpting and liposuction.


1. Can you describe how the UltraSlim treatment works?

2. What does an UltraSlim treatment feel like?

3. Can inch loss be measured immediately after UltraSlim appointments, or is there a waiting period?

4. Is the inch loss permanent?

5. In the week or 10 days before a special event, what amount of inch-loss from UltraSlim sessions is realistic?

6. Is there a maximum amount of fat loss available from UltraSlim treatments?

7. Coolsculpting is gaining popularity, but there can be side effects. Tell us about it.


8. Can you discuss some of the more dramatic examples of inch-loss and fat-loss that patients at Body Contourz have experienced from the UltraSlim procedure?

9.With the Emmys coming up, what famous faces are we likely to see going in and out of the clinic?

10. How can viewers/listeners get more information about the UltraSlim system?