Ep.1/1/2021 – BGE presents:The Rise of Female-Owned Businesses and What It Means To Be A “Mompreneur” in 2019


It’s a Trillion Dollar Industry & Growing:
How Female-Owned Businesses Are on the Rise
And What it Means to be a “Mompreneur” in 2019
Interviews Available with Julie Fry, Chief Mom Officer, Business Among Moms

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Female-led businesses have grown nearly 60 percent in the past decade, generating 3.1 trillion dollars in revenue. Leading the pack are the mompreneurs, the women who balance being a mom on the playground, with leading the charge as an entrepreneur and crushing it.

With the back-to-school season just around the corner, more women are using what little free time they have to take on ruling the world as a CEO. In interviews on September 19th, the ultimate mompreneur behind Business Among Moms, Julie Fry, will offer her tips for women thinking about running their own business, but having no idea where to start.
Julie will also discuss findings of a new survey which offers insights from moms on the common challenges with owning your own business. Finally, she’ll share some great resources that are available to turn this dream of owning your own business, into a reality.
Suggested Questions:
What is a mompreneur and why are female-owned businesses on the rise?
What are your tips for moms who want to start their own business?
What are some tools for small business owners?
What insights can you share from a new survey on this topic?
Where can we go for more information?

About the Talent: Julie Fry, Chief Mom Officer, Business Among Moms
Julie’s passion has always been for small business and building community. Prior to creating Business Among Moms, she was instrumental in growing a startup consumer products company from zero to over 20 million dollars in sales through leveraging her relationships with national retailers such as Target, Costco and Walmart.
As the designated event planner within her family for birthday celebrations and milestone events, she decided to harness her talents for the mom entrepreneur community and began creating online and live events that worked for the busy mom business owner. She’s grown Business Among Moms in to the premier organization for women that are bold in business and motherhood. They host online and in person events for support, connection and education across the country and an annual conference in Seattle. When she’s not planning events for her community, she’s having impromptu dance parties with husband of 15 years, Brian, and he