Ep. 10/10/2021 – BGE presents-Author Lauren Marino


Author Lauren Marino will discuss how some of the world’s most beloved authors overcame countless obstacles and prejudice to produce much of our most groundbreaking and beloved books that have changed how we see the world

Available for Interview is Lauren Marino, longtime book editor and publisher and the author of BOOKISH BROADS: WOMEN WHO WROTE THEMSELVES INTO HISTORY (Abrams Image, on sale March 2021, $19.99, hardcover)

If a well read woman is a dangerous creature, what does that make a woman writer? From Murasaki Shikibu to Jane Austen and Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie women have fought to make their voices heard and radically reshaped the opportunities available to women. Bookish Broads collects and connects more than sixty of these storyteller’s legacies, reframing the canon that has long failed to recognize them and revealing a history of the female experience.