Ep. 10/31/2021/ – BGE presents-author Marion Zola


Marion Zola has been a writer from the time she had her first little story
published in her elementary school newspaper at age six. She began writing

poetry in grade school, continued in high school and college, and was honored to
work under the distinguished poet, John Malcolm Brinnin, at Boston University.
She has won and been a finalist in numerous poetry contests, been published in
literary magazines and several anthologies. She was also one of the youngest
people ever admitted to the Poetry Society of America.
After college, she began teaching English at an inner city high school in New York,
then went to Columbia University for her master’s degree before landing a
teaching job at the Bronx High School of Science. But it was during that year in
graduate school that Marion began jogging with an opera voice coach, which gave
her an idea for a screenplay. The script, about a jogging only relationship, became
the vehicle to land her a first agent and an assignment to write a screenplay for a
Hollywood producer at 20 th Century Fox. On her first trip to L.A. to meet with this
producer, she pitched stories to the “All In The Family” producers. It was the last
year of that TV sitcom and Marion sold them a story, which became her first on
air credit. Other sitcom credits followed when she moved permanently to L.A.
Then she began writing movie scripts such as “Sharing Richard” for CBS.
In 1981, Marion published her first book, “All The Good Ones Are Married,” which
was a featured cover story in Cosmo magazine before it even hit the stores.
Dozens of stories about the book followed in women’s magazines and
newspapers nationwide, as well as publications in Japan and Israel. Over a
hundred radio interviews and TV appearances followed, including on the Merv
Griffin Show, Charlie Rose, the Today Show, 20/20 and dozens of other prime
time and morning shows. Eventually the book was turned into a movie for
In 2016, Marion compiled, edited, and wrote narration for a reading of the letters
of John and Abigail Adams. Entitled “Dearest Friend,” this event starred Richard
Benjamin and Paula Prentiss and raised a significant amount of money for Theatre
40, the Beverly Hills theatre she’s involved with and loves. Both performances
were sold out.
Marion has had numerous feature script development deals and options. In 1992,
she produced “Midnight Kiss,” a movie which played on HBO and Cinemax.
Shortly afterward, she associate produced a telenovella for Univision, “