Ep. 2/14/2020 – BGE presents:Esther Pearlman


Hi Irwin, Here are a few questions: How does your husband play a part in your writing? I understand your an artist and writer, what do you like best? How long have you been doing these things. What types of places have you put your art? What are some of the remarks you’ve had trying to get your art work in a place? You sometimes have your son write poems in your books, which books? What are some of the titles? I understand, he wrote a whole children’s book, what was the motivation of the book and how did you decide the topic? How do you decide what to write? Where are you showing your art now? What is your website?

On Monday, August 26, 2019, 7:23:38 PM PDT, Irwin Zucker wrote:

Yes, I need many more questions…we want to make it a good interview…the
guest before you will be a comedian-author…you’re a natural to follow him

Hi Irwin, I would like to speak about “The Book Of Esther”, {Adventures of a Zany California Wife, Mother $ Artist”}. My last book. Now my new book entitled “It’s Not Easy Being A Woman, Vol III”” I can’t speak about because it hasn’t come out yet, Maybe two more weeks. I was going to call it “It’s Not Easy Being A Woman, Vol 2 l/2 but I thought it deserved a whole number. So, it is called “It’s Not Easy Being A Woman, Vol III”. One of my stories in “The Book of Esther” I spoke about how I was standing in front of a statue in a big hotel in Las Vegas, my husband Marty posed me there, I smiled and a guy jumps on the statue of a horse and takes a picture with me. What a shock! We all laugh. Got a picture of it. You can see it in “The Book of Esther”