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End of cities in America?

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Fire in the Straw: Notes on Inventing a Life

By Nick Lyons


PUBLIUS GUEST AUTHOR: Nick Lyons, author of Fire in the Straw: Notes on Inventing a Life.

WSJ REVIEW: Fire in the Straw: Notes on Inventing a Life by Nick Lyons

“I love Nick Lyons’s books. Every sentence is so full and ripe.” —Ted Hughes, former Poet Laureate to Queen Elizabeth II

FIRE IN THE STRAW is the witty and deeply felt memoir of Nick Lyons, a man with an intrepid desire to reinvent himself—which he does, over and over.

Nick Lyons shape shifts from reluctant student and graduate of the Wharton School, to English Professor, to husband of a fiercely committed painter, to ghost writer, to famous fly fisherman and award-winning author, to father and then grandfather, to Executive Editor at a large book publishing company, and finally to founder and publisher of his own successful independent press..

Written with the same warm and earthy voice that has enthralled tens of thousands of fly-fishing readers, Nick weaves the disparate chapters of his life: from the moment his widowed mother drops him off at a grim boarding school at the age of five, where he spends three lonely and confusing years; to his love of basketball and pride playing for Penn; to the tumultuous period, in the army and after, when he found and was transformed by literature; to his marriage to Mari, his great love and anchor of his life.

Suddenly, with a PhD in hand and four children, Nick embarks on a complex and thrilling ride, juggling family, fishing, teaching, writing, and publishing, the wolf always at his door. Against all odds, The Lyons Press survives, his children prosper, his wife’s art flourishes, and his books and articles make him a household name.

Fire in the Straw is a love story, a confessional, and a beautiful big-hearted memoir.

PLUG THE BOOK: www.amazon.com/Fire-Straw-Notes-Inventing-Life/dp/1951627199/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=fire+in+the+straw&qid=1610324830&sr=8-1

BIO: Award-winning writer Nick Lyons has written some twenty-odd books and hundreds of essays, which have appeared in The New York Times, Harper’s, National Geographic, Field & Stream, Outdoor Life, Big Sky Journal, The Pennsylvania Gazet
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