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Seth Barron to Tucker Carlson – ‘NYC May Collapse’

New York City is in decay under Mayor Bill de Blasio and likely seeing its final days, journalist Seth Barron told Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson Friday night. He detailed how America’s once most noted city has seen crime and homelessness soar as thousands of taxpayers have fled. “It’s a grim story,” Barron told Carlson. “De Blasio and his progressive tendencies have essentially hollowed out what was a prosperous and safe city. They did this by spreading an ideology of division, class and racial hatred, racial resentment, and frankly, they neutered the police and handcuffed them.” Tucker noted, “Seth Barron has covered New York for a very long time. He has a new book: The Last Days of New York. The title says it all.”
Susan Moss-Covid 19 Author

Vaccinations should NEVER be given to children, Heart Inflammation has showed up in a thousand children, The risk/benefit is not being followed as children are very low risk for COVID,

Vaccinated are 6 times more likely to die from new Delta variant compared to unvacinated,

Vaccines may interfere with p53 and tumor suppressor genes causing breast cancer,

Natural approaches to COVID are being censored, suppressed, and outlawed because of vaccine competition,
NL Holmes-Author

N.L. Holmes is a prolific novelist embarking on another significant career phase. Prior to taking up the
power of writing and using this pen name, she was an accomplished archaeologist and teacher for 25
years. Early in her career she served as a nun for two decades. In between she was an artist and antiques
dealer. Yes, she has lived an interesting life and the sum of her experiences informs and inspires her
writings today.
Holmes, who earned her doctorate in Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology Studies from Bryn Mawr
College despite an offer to attend Princeton, has excavated in Greece and Israel, and taught ancient
history and humanities at Stockton University in N.J. and University of South Florida for many years. She
also did archaeological artwork for excavations from Lebanon.
With seven published novels, Holmes is the creator of The Lord Hani Mysteries. The inspiration for her
Bronze Age novels came with an assignment she gave to her students one day: Here are the only
documents we have telling us about royal divorce in Ugarit in the 13 th century. How much can we say
about what happened? She notes: “It quickly became apparent that almost anything we might come up
with was as much fiction as histiography!”
She also penned The Empire At Twilight series, historical fiction set in 13 th century C.B. during the Hittite
Born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, she attended The University of Texas in the honors program but
dropped out midway to enter into the antiques business. Two years later, she entered the Discalced
Carmelite convent in Texas. She left the convent 20 years later and returns to school to get her B.A. in
Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology.
Holmes resides with her husband, three cats, and a dog. They split their time between Tampa, Florida and
northern France, where she gardens, weaves, and plays the violin. They have an adult son. For more
information, please consult www.nlholmes.com.
Frank Vernuccio-News and Comment


Curtis Sliwa wins Republican nomination for NYC mayoral race



“Sliwa was declared the winner over restaurateur Fernando Mateo with an over 40-point lead with nearly 70 percent of votes tallied. Both candidates waged bitter campaigns centered around support for law enforcement amid a rise in violent crime in the city. Sliwa, who founded a group of volunteer crime fighters without any legal authorization, cast himself as uniquely qualified to reverse the spike and said he would hire 3,000 more police officers.”–The Hill