Ep. 8/6/2021 – The Jiggy Jaguar Show-Adrian Paul from Highlander


Many call Adrian Paul a sword expert, based on his lead role as Duncan Macleod in the action series Highlander. The show spanned 6 seasons, 117 episodes and ran in over 90 countries worldwide. with Adrian performing hundreds of action and sword fights during that time. But Adrian knows it takes many years to become a swordmaster and dismisses this title saying we all have “sword experts” inside us, if are willing to work hard to achieve it.

Having studied Hung Gar and Shaolin Kung Fu for over 25 years, (Kung meaning skillful work, hard training) this philosophy is apparent throughout numerous action films, including two Highlander films, performing and choreographing sword fights and action sequences for both television and film, during an entertainment career that has spanned 35 years. Adrian has also directed and produced projects for both television and film, hosted a radio for charity with over 600 hours of airtime, along with founding his own charity The PEACE Fund (Protect, Educate, Aid Children Everywhere).

The PEACE Fund has been in existence since 1997, helping improve the lives of children in the US, Haiti, Thailand, Cambodia, Pakistan, Hungary and Romania. In June 2015 Adrian ran a Sword Experience workshop to raise money for one of the countries that the PEACE Fund supports. The sword fighting event went so well that Adrian decided to test the idea at other similar events across the US. The demand was surprising..

So eight months later, in February 2016, Adrian founded The Sword Experience, as a way to pass on some of the knowledge he learned while working with world-renowned action stars, stunt choreographers, and swordmasters. Although not charity based, The Sword Experience has raised money for The Peace Fund at several events that have been specifically used for that purpose. To date, the testimonials speak for themselves. Not only has it given people a chance to receive the best sword fighting tips and techniques, training with some of the best sword experts around, but it has also given people a chance to do something different, to improve their fitness, their communication skills, their abilities, along with the chance to do something they may have only dreamed about.