Ep. 8/9/2021 – The Jiggy Jaguar Show: Patty Civalleri &Sandra Lee


EDUCATION/POLITICAL ANALYST: Sandra Mae Lee, is a GOP political analyst, former school teacher and author of the new 2020 election book, Dear Donald: Four More Years!


Dear Donald: Letters From A Loving Deplorable.

As a historian, archaeology specialist, and travel expert, Patty Civalleri has authored a suite of Italy Travel books, along with a line of products to help take travelers deeper than simply the ‘top 10 sites’ in the major Italian cities. However, during Covid, the travel industry vanished completely, forcing her to find a way to pivot her business. Fortunately, a new project landed on her desk, a manuscript written by Joe Coulombe, the founder of the famous grocery chain, Trader Joe’s. Called “Becoming Trader Joe,” it is a boots-on-the-ground entrepreneurial story of how Joe faced down the myriad of obstacles created by big corporations and federal regulations that he felt were designed to keep small businesses from succeeding in the grocery industry. Released this past June, it has spent most of its time on Amazon’s best-seller list and is receiving media attention from around the country.

Patty spent 16 years on the Director’s Council of the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA, is on the board of Renaissance & Medieval Studies at California State University in Long Beach, and serves as Commodore of the Duffy Boat Club in Long Beach, California. A wife, a mom, and a self-proclaimed foodie herself, Patty is excited to talk with us about her newest book “Becoming Trader Joe.”