Ep. 9/07/2019- Jiggy Jaguar Show on AMfm247.com


The 9/14/2019 Program features

Guest Opportunity: Spencer Borisoff — Serial Entrepreneur, Work/Life Balance Analyst, Humorist and Author of “Work Sucks!: A Funny View of a Serious Problem.”

“Company culture dictates whether an employee feels comfortable to tell their boss about new ideas or existing problems.”

A common word that everyone encounters on a regular basis in the corporate world is “company culture.” It is the unspoken rule that culture shapes behavior and continues where the employee handbook stops; it shows employees what values are most important; it guides them on how to act, react, and respond to expected or unexpected events; and it draws the framework of co-working and collaborating for the common goals and objectives of the company.

How does this culture create good work morale, which translates to positivity in the workplace?

Spencer Borisoff uses his expertise and stories from his book “Work Sucks” to relate to real world work issues, as well as the funny side of an unscripted career!

Meet Spencer Borisoff

Spencer Borisoff is a former journalist turned grouchy corporate stiff who has resigned from 30 corporate jobs by the time he turned 45 in order to keep a promise he made to himself as a boy: never settle for a job that sucks!

Armed with a blistering tongue that is equal parts harsh and humorous, Borisoff tells the taboo truth about our labor-based existence that, until now, workers have only dared to whisper about. It is a truth that he is born to tell. Borisoff is a Philly boy who graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor’s degree in English Writing and now resides in Clearwater Beach. He is the son of Grammy nominated singer and song writer, Len Barry.