Eric Papp


Eric Papp

TOPIC-Anxiety Attacks after High Profile Tragedies
Guest Opportunity: Eric Papp – Leadership Expert, Author of “Leadership by Choice” and Professional Speaker

September 11. Oklahoma City. Virginia Tech. The Dark Knight Shooting. The Sikh Temple Shooting. All of these are events that are marked with tragedy and all have the collective ability to trigger anxiety in people not even directly affected by the events themselves.

When irrational violence interrupts the feeling of safety that we feel at innocuous places like work, school, the movies or even at church, it can bring about anxiety anytime that we then attend these events.

Researchers have found increases in alcohol, tobacco and other substance abuse after such national tragedies.

Eric is eager to discuss by answering the following questions:
What are the some the best ways to control anxiety that may be occurring after recent tragedies?
How can people learn to effectively reduce their stress and anxiety levels?
How can a more focused and slow approach to tasks give better results?
What concepts of better productivity can lead to a more focused approach to your day?

Meet Eric Papp
Author of “Leadership by Choice”
Voted in the top 1% of Management trainers in 2010
President of Results-Based Seminars LLC
Featured in the N.Y Times, USA Today, Dallas Morning News, and many other publications
Produced over 9 business educational programs available on audio CD, CD Rom, and DVD

Date Recorded: 8/7/2012

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