Eric Zuley RETURNS!


Eric Zuley-professional Business/Entertainment Consultant

Eric Zuley is a professional Business/Entertainment Consultant. Give him your budget, he will build you the team around your project and prove it successful!

Eric Zuley -”The Hardest working man in Hollywood”

CEO of WTV networks

Co-Founder of Gme Experts Publicity/Marketing/Management Company

Vice President of Promotions, New Media for Pearl Records Group/Filmworks

Board Member of Multi-Cultural Motion Picture Association (MMPA)

Board Member of Recording Artist Guild

Board Member La Music Awards

Nominated for Television Host Award (La Comedy Awards 2012)

Brand Ambassador/Spokes Person for

Eric Zuley has helped raise awareness and funding for over 9 different charities.

Corporate Advisory Board Members for Eric Zuley Include: The Co-founder of E! Entertainment Television Larry Namer, who is the Founder and President of Metan Development Group (Chinese Viacom). Jarvee Hutchinson the President of MMPA; President of American Society of Young Musicians, and Director of the Golden Globe Awards & Spirit Awards, Chris Donovan. Kevin Dorsey the President of Pearl Records Group/Filmworks and is the former music director for Michael Jackson.

Date Recorded: 9/11/2012

SITE: Site

Podcast of the interview Download:


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