Esther Pearlman


You Can’t Keep a Good Woman Down!It’s not easy being a woman . . . there are way too many things to do and way too many people who want to make your life difficult. But Esther Pearlman finds that no matter where life takes her – whether it’s to the antagonistic local deli, the over-priced plastic surgeon’s office, or the harrowingly narrow streets of Madrid – a sense of humor will save the day! Join Esther as she walks us through her life and finds something to make you smile in the most unusual places . . .¿ Remembering growing up poor, she views her previous lack of fashionable attire, weird packed lunches, and father’s embarrassing vehicle choices with fondness.¿ At the orthodontist, he fixes her teeth, so she decides to try to fix his love life.¿ A lover of shopping in her adult life, Esther encounters unusual sales techniques and odd-ball fashion tips.¿ As a movie extra on the sets of Father of the Bride and Naked Gun II, she finds plenty of entertainment off-screen.¿ Calling her husband “my partner in crime,” Esther sees that miscommunication can at least be turned into some good comic material.Having a bad day? Pick up Esther’s book for a boost and soon you’ll be agreeing with her personal philosophy. “You can’t keep a good woman down,” she writes, “because a woman is needed everywhere.” And no matter where Esther Pearlman is, you’ll find that it’s fun seeing life through her eyes.When she’s not busy chatting about the absurdities of life, Esther Pearlman likes to express herself through the arts. She is the co-author of Oh Canada! Lessons in Patience in the Canadian Rockies and a contributor to the anthology Chopped Liver for the American Spirit. Also a painter inspired by Van Gogh, Gauguin and others, Esther once painted with her shoes. She and her husband Martin do their shtick in Santa Monica, California.By Robin Quinn