Expert: What If You Discovered That You Could Fight Islamic Terrorists, Mafiosos, And Exotic Animal Poachers With A Video Game?




The Hunter Group has Seized nearly

$2 billion dollars of terrorists

assets since 2010.

BLACK MONEY TRACKER: Thomas Creal is founder of The Hunter Group and Co-Creator of the Eva Black Money Game. Creal has been an expert in tracing black money for over 35 years, including his days at the United Nations as the sanction expert for tracking down the assets of rogue dictators. He is the author of the published book, Money Magicians.


Calling all Gamers!

Eva Black Money has been released FOR IPHONE AND GOOGLE PLAY!

When the time comes to take action, there’s no waiting around. Jump on board with legendary forensic accountant Thomas Creal and travel the world to find and exterminate Black Money. Enter locations across the globe searching for evidence no matter what stands in the way! Navigate through war zones and the corporate world to bring these warlords down. Some levels will challenge your skills and observation skills while others turn into a fight for survival against armed poachers! Stay on your mission and keep your front line safe.

Put an end to international black money today – play and compete with The Eva Series.

The Eva Series is a combination of mobile game apps and short films focused on black money. The purpose is to stop the many trails of black money, teach young game players forensic skills and compete through game interaction.

Good luck and be safe.


(1) How Elephant poachers, Islamic terrorists targeting Mid East Christians and organized crime bad guys use the new social media technology to fuel funding for their illegal activities

(2) Why Tom Creal chose video gaming as a weapon against them and how the Eva Black Money App Game was born Eva Black Money Game is available on iTunes and GooglePlay, and can be played on any touch screen device, just like Candy Crush.

(3) Eva is a fun game like Candy Crush. And meant to be played by people all around the world. It has two purposes. One, the players will continue to think about black money as the root of evil and begin to use the words in their everyday lives. Thus, the message will travel worldwide via the game. Second, the game revenues are being used to provide more funding of Creal’s team to expand its work in attacking money movers that are tied to the bad guys.

(4) Through the power of millions of game players, people, especially the younger generation will understand the damage caused by black money, warlords, wardogs and all their aiders and abettors, more actions such as black money seizures, and recoveries for victims can be taken.

(5) Tom Hanks to film blockbuster Black Money Games in Croatia with Serbian actress Katarina Radivojević

(6) Tom Creal’s partnership with ex mobster Michael Franzese

BIO: Creal is a recognized expert in the field of international forensic accounting, asset tracing and recovery of illicit funds, advising developing nations on financial protocols, prosecuting war crimes and the use of money as a weapon of influence. He was the lead expert for Task Force 2010 in Afghanistan focused on tracing monies to the Taliban and other Insurgencies, as well as the recovery of such monies during the two years he was under the command of Rear Admiral Kathleen Dussault and Major General Ross Ridge.

Mr. Creal has served as a Panel Expert for the United Nations Security Council under three different Resolutions including the Resolution 1532 sanctions levied against Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia and his associates. Creal led the effort for President Sirleaf of the Republic of Liberia for asset recovery targeting the reparation of over $3 billion in damages. He has both government and private sector experience, serving as the Chief of Staff for the elected Illinois State Comptroller and as the Partner-in-Charge for forensic accounting at the firm, RSM McGladrey/Checkers Simon and Rosner.



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