Common Misconceptions about Eye Health

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Dr. Justin Bazan, Doctor of Optometry (OD)


Our vision allows us to experience all of life’s adventures, big and small. From family road trips, to children starting their first day of school, all memories are enhanced by healthy vision. This summer, parents ranked road trips as a top family vacation. However, 66% of parents say that vision problems such as blurriness, dry eye, and sun glare have negatively impacted their eyesight while driving, according to a survey of more than 1,000 U.S. parents of kids aged 2-17, from Think About Your Eyes, a national campaign to educate the public on the importance of vision health and the dangers of UV rays and too much screen time.

Come August, families are embarking on their final vacations before the school year begins. The American Optometric Association uncovered some unexpected barriers and misconceptions associated with maintaining healthy vision that can impact parents and their kids during this time:

On August 5th, Dr. Justin Bazan, OD, will discuss common these misconceptions. He will share advice on what families can do to maintain healthy vision, so as not to miss a thing during vacation travels and so kids can start the school year off right.


· What are the most common misconceptions regarding vision care?

· How does screen time impact your vision and eye health?

· When should you protect your eyes against UV rays?

· How can parents maintain healthy vision for themselves and their kids?

· What more is Think About Your Eyes doing to encourage people to maintain their vision health?

· Where can viewers go for more information?

For more information, visit: ThinkAboutYourEyes.com


Dr. Justin Bazan, Doctor of Optometry (OD), is the owner of Park Slope Eye in Brooklyn, N.Y., which he established in the summer of 2008. Dr. Bazan is also a recognized international speaker for The Vision Council, with an emphasis on eye care practice management and eye care trends more broadly. He has been featured on ABC’s Good Morning America, CNBC, NBC and Fox News’ “Health Talk,” and Fast Company, CBSNews.com, Bustle, Shape, Elite Daily and Reader’s Digest, among others. Dr. Bazan is also currently President of the Optometric Society of the City of New York and is involved in the American Optometric Association as the Federal Advocacy Representative for New York State. Lastly, he is a proud co-founder of the Young ODs of America a thriving nationwide network of burgeoning optometric all-stars.