FBI agents arrested Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder on bribery scheme


FBI agents arrested Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder on bribery scheme

“The powerful Republican speaker of the Ohio House and four associates were arrested Tuesday in a $60 million federal bribery case connected to a taxpayer-funded bailout of Ohio’s two nuclear power plants. Hours after FBI agents raided Speaker Larry Householder’s farm, U.S. Attorney David DeVillers described the ploy as “likely the largest bribery scheme ever perpetrated against the state of Ohio.””
–CBS News

What’s Happening in Ohio? Buckeye political pundit and author available to discuss trending topic

FBI agents arrested Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder on Tuesday in connection with a $60 million bribery scheme.

Four other prominent Ohio political operatives were also arrested, with charges linked to a 2019 law that bailed out two nuclear power plants in the state while slashing subsidies for renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The feds complaint describes a lengthy bribery campaign to build support for Householder’s bid to become House speaker, and then pass the nuclear bailout law with his help.

Wood County Ohio Republican Executive Committee Chairman and best-selling “Bellwether Blues” author Jonathan Jakubowski has been following the story closely, and can weigh in with the latest insights.

“This and the recent Toledo bribery scandal are two good reasons why many millennials in swing-counties have the blues when considering politics. We need leaders of integrity who are willing to serve not to line their pockets, but out of a calling…people who understand the true meaning and purpose of government. Too many people lack that understanding and then fall prey to the temptations that exist with power.”

Among Jonathan’s observations:

-Of the names implicated, one of them, Matt Borges started a Super PAC for Joe Biden. He is the former GOP Chair and close ally of former governor John Kasich. He hates Trump and the current Ohio GOP.

-Many Ohioans were concerned when Householder became speaker because of questions of character. He had his own agenda and often found himself at odds with the “establishment GOP/existing OHIO GOP”.

-Even though former Ohio GOP speaker Cliff Rosenberger was removed from Speakership in ’18, the GOP won unprecedented majorities in Ohio. National politics has greater implications on statewide elections than do local politics.

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