Former FBI Agent Available: Parkland Shooting, Comey, Mueller, Vegas Shooting, Wray, Is The FBI In A Full State Of Disarray?


Pressure on FBI Mounts…

FBI AGENT/AUTHOR: Jack Owens, is a 30-year veteran of the FBI, and author of POCK: A NOVEL, Don’t Shoot! We’re Republicans! and Watchman JFK’S Last Ride.

TRUMP: Sad FBI Missed
All School Shooter Warnings…

BIO: Jack Owens is a 30-year veteran of the FBI, a street agent who worked investigations involving foreign counterintelligence, terrorism, fugitive apprehensions, SWAT operations, and the recruitment of women and minorities into the Bureau. He spent a year in the Denver FBI office, 1969-1970, followed by 29 years in the Bureau’s Birmingham Division. He retired in 1999 to write, and is the author of Don’t Shoot! We’re Republicans!—a memoir of his FBI career, published in 2009. He is also the author of the novel, Watchman: JFK’s Last Ride (2013). Owens’s roots are deep in the mountains of southern West Virginia, and in the beautiful borough of West Chester, Pennsylvania. He has resided in Birmingham since 1970, where he lives with his wife, Patricia, atop Red Mountain.

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ABOUT NOVEL: In this black comedy of mayhem, Pock talks to Jesus, to plants, and to flowers, and they lovingly talk back. His face ravaged by an awful pox, ugly and crippled since birth, mocked and hardened by every upheaval in his life, Pock spent 13 years in an Alabama prison for scalping the man who dropped a maroon bowling ball on his aggrieved club foot. When released, Pock is un-rehabilitated, and with Jesus as his wingman, joyfully murders the witnesses who sent him to prison, quoting Christ and the Bible at the drop of every victim, targeting black Birmingham police officer Street Longshore, and his white partner, Blake Dailey, last. While Street and Dailey patrol the city in an unmarked police vehicle with a miniature spare tire, right front, they are unaware Pock is hunting them until it’s too late. Pock’s brand of serial murders terrorizes Birmingham to its core. Believed by law enforcement to have perished in a warehouse fire, Pock magically crosses the Atlantic and disappears into the moors of southern England, waiting, waiting to return.



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